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Eswatini, formerly the Kingdom of Swaziland, offers a wide variety of landscapes, from the mountains along its borders with South Africa and Mozambique to savannas in the east and rainforest in the northwest. But lurking behind the beauty of this landlocked country of southern Africa is an evil that threatens its population: HIV/AIDS. At 26 percent, the adult HIV prevalence rate in Eswatini is the highest in the world, according to UNICEF reports.

Penetrating the spiritual darkness for over 40 years, TWR broadcasts from this country have struck the heart and soul as they address issues facing the people of southern Africa. Powerful 100,000-watt AM and shortwave transmitters at TWR's Eswatini broadcast facility send programs that speak to the needs of women, youth, emerging leaders and more across the small country and beyond its borders.

Inside the country, the FM network of TWR's national partner, Voice of the Church, is a familiar name to nearly every Swazi and can be heard echoing in many roadside shops or remote villages.