Guam serves as a base for TWR to launch the gospel far into the expanse of Asia. Guam serves a critical role, as its location allows TWR to broadcast Christ’s voice of hope, life and mercy all across a region suffering from the constancy of tsunamis, earthquakes, poverty, heavy drug trade and use and an abundance of human trafficking.

Because of the vast area that Guam’s broadcasts cover, TWR broadcasts in 18 languages.  In particular, TWR uses the broadcasts in China to help further supply, strengthen, and fuel the growing house church movement with programs that offer seminary training, Bible teaching and spiritual encouragement. 

TWR broadcasts to numerous unreached groups, such as the Han Chinese and Cantonese; North Korea, Myanmar and Vietnam are largely unreachable except by way of shortwave radio. Also within range of Guam’s broadcasting site, India and Indonesia receive numerous programs in multiple languages.