TWR first constructed a superpower broadcasting site on the island of Bonaire in 1964 to broadcast Christian programs well into Latin America. Bonaire serves a tremendous importance to TWR, as the powerful AM towers allow for gospel broadcasts to reach millions of people living in Cuba, the jungles of Brazil and the surrounding Caribbean islands.

In 2008, TWR-Bonaire’s maintenance team discovered a serious rust problem that had developed on each of the four towers that TWR uses to broadcast its programs. Although they had been cleaning and repainting one tower each year in a regular rotation, they were fighting a losing battle when it came to the natural elements, especially the salty air. They realized that the structural integrity of the towers was on the verge of becoming compromised and that the rusty cross braces needed to be replaced. Thankfully, God graciously provided needed funds for the repairs, which as of mid-2010 were still ongoing.