Steve and Beth

The Brunsons are appointees to TWR’s station on the Pacific island of Guam. Steve will serve as a Transmitter Engineer, working with the radio system that broadcasts the message of hope to East and South Asia.

Beth will initially be focused on daily family transitions, as well as assisting at the office as needed. Angel is looking forward to swimming, snorkeling, and continuing with volleyball.

The TWR Guam broadcast area covers over 2 billion people, reaching into China, North Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Programs go out from Guam in 20 languages, proclaiming the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus and instructing believers in biblical doctrine.

TWR broadcasts the message of hope in the various heart languages of its listeners and is able to penetrate into restricted access countries and minister to unreached people groups.

The Brunsons currently reside in Maryland. They will be leaving their six adult children behind as they go.