Mitch and Melinda

As a youth, Mitch was deeply impacted by a visit from a Trans World Radio missionary who spoke of God's Word being transmitted across political and cultural barriers, strengthening the persecuted and encouraging the faithful.  For over 60 years, TWR has employed high-powered radio broadcasts, portable media devices, satellite delivery, and online streaming through the TWR360 app to share biblical truth with people in 190 countries and in 230 heart languages and dialects.

Twenty-six years in the Navy and seven children after first encountering TWR, Mitch and Melinda felt urgently called by God to serve His Kingdom in a more intentional way where their technical ability and leadership talents could be utilized.  After raising support and completing their training in 2018, the Beckers sold their "forever" home in Virginia and now serve a potential listening audience of 2 billion people from the Pacific Island of Guam.  At KTWR, Mitch serves as Station Manager of a multi-transmitter shortwave radio broadcasting station.  Melinda cares for and homeschools seven active M & M Becker, children, the oldest of whom are extra-motivated to get their schoolwork done so they can help Mitch at the station.

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