Joe and Rhonda
Chief Technical Officer

Joe Barker was born in Canada and grew up as a pastor’s son in Canada, the U.S. and the Bahamas before studying communications and radio engineering in the U.S. Joe’s interest in media was a direct response to God’s leading to use media to reach people for Christ.

Joe and Rhonda Barker married in 1989 and have four children. After serving as satellite operations manager and radio station manager with the TFC (Toccoa Falls College) Radio Network for eight years, Joe and Rhonda sensed God’s leading into full-time missionary service with TWR. 

The Barker family has served with TWR for more than 16 years in the Caribbean Gospel Network, the Miami Ministry Center and TWR’s office in Cary, North Carolina. In 2006 the Barkers moved to Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, where Joe served as the Americas regional technical coordinator and as Americas ministry team leader.

In 2015, the Barkers returned to the Cary office to fill a new role, chief technical officer. Please pray for the Barkers as Joe leads the various teams and technical initiatives within TWR.