Global Personnel Fund

With a worldwide missionary staff, powerful radio stations to maintain and offices in many countries, personnel needs exist on an ongoing basis with very limited funds, or none at all, available to fill them.

TWR’s Global Personnel Fund allows us to fill critical needs for personnel when missionaries return to the U.S. for furlough, when health problems or other emergencies arise, and when our work exceeds our human capacity. At times this fund has helped to get new missionaries to the field when they were badly needed there but were not fully funded yet by churches and supporters. Each time these funds are used to support an individual or family, it is a great blessing to them and to TWR.

Your gift to this fund allows our staff to see God’s hand providing for their God-given calling. And having their help allows us to keep our programs on the air. We hear from our listeners daily as they plead with us to keep broadcasting and feeding them with spiritual nourishment, so this fund is also a blessing to our listening audiences around the world.