TWR Magazine, February - May 2020

God has worked powerfully in 2019 and it shows — see how God's grace and your support has not only brought hope to the Silk Road region, but will soon be blanketing all of Nigeria with the gospel! Learn about the incredible ministry of Every Man a Warrior and its creator, Lonnie Berger, as well as a new focus for the U.S. Spanish ministry. Peppered with moving stories of hope and tributes to God's faithfulness, this issue sure gets us excited for this year!

TWR Prayer Calendar February - May 2020

February - May 2020. Join and pray along with TWR staff and supporters around the world as we bring these requests before God!

TWR Magazine, October 2019 - January 2020

With beautiful updates from the Oasis Transmitter Project, Silk Road Transmitter, Middle East, and Shine 800 broadcast, the end of the year is bright indeed! Hear from TWR President and CEO Lauren Libby, and read about gospel efforts in Bangladesh and Muslim communities, how an octopus is introducing children to Jesus, and how you (yes, we mean YOU!) could become a part of the TWR family!

TWR Prayer Calendar October 2019 - January 2020

October 2019 - January 2020. Join and pray along with TWR staff and supporters around the world as we bring these requests before God!

TWR Magazine, June-September 2019

Amidst TWR’s annual Shine the Light campaign celebrating and fundraising for the ministry of TWR Bonaire, Venezuela continues to feel the strain of political unrest, making the station’s need more critical than ever! Read about how the people of Ghana have turned the (very!) early hours of the morning into a lively opportunity to study the Bible, and how a taxi driver on the border of Uzbekistan is using his fares as a way of reaching people in their heart language!

TWR Prayer Calendar June-September 2019

June-September 2019. Join the TWR staff and supporters around the world as we bring these requests before God.

Ministries in Focus 2018-2019 Brochure

Overcoming barriers to share hope everywhere! This brochure outlines our most strategic ministry opportunities for 2018-2019 — packed with the information you need to help you decide where you would best like to support TWR ministries! With stories and testimonies of God's global redemptive work, you'll leave with a greater understanding of the status of his kingdom, and the part you can play within it!

TWR Small Group Resource Packet

Request this free resource packet and share the information with your small group! You can team with TWR to spread the word that we can help ordinary people with nontraditional missions skills (technical, creative and business skills) fulfill the Great Commission and share hope EVERYWHERE!

2019 Annual Ministry Progress Report

Discover God's incredible work in our annual ministry report issue of TWR Magazine. From the Bonaire Shine the Light campaign to taxi drivers on the border of Uzbekistan, God is using TWR to bring hope. Supplementing the articles are details about TWR's leadership, global locations, finances and audience engagement.

TWR Magazine, February-May 2019

A major project has been launched to bring more Bible-based programming to Africa's fractured giant, Nigeria, and its neighbors. Read about the Oasis project in West Africa and about how a top pork producer helped bring about the most powerful AM radio station in the Western Hemisphere so it could share the gospel with Latin America.
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