How do we deliver content globally?

Our most important mission is to share the gospel with people who need to hear it around the world, and we will use any medium that enables us to do that. That’s why we’ve branched out into emerging digital technologies like the internet, smartphones and other mobile devices. We even have a growing visual media ministry called TWR MOTION, some of whose work you can view here

Radio is actually still our biggest work by far, and the Lord has blessed us with a vast infrastructure around the world that provides a platform for reaching out to a potential audience of nearly 4 billion people. In much of the developing world, television and the internet have yet to achieve anything near the level of audience engagement that radio has.  

I’ve seen TWR360 mentioned on your website and elsewhere. What is it?

TWR360 allows you to listen to compelling teaching, watch the Jesus film, read and search the Bible, enjoy Christian music, and view videos in more than 100 languages. Even better, it’s a great way to share your faith with people who speak a different language. Check it out at And, if you haven’t already done so, why not download the free mobile app? You can do that from the Android and Apple stores and from the TWR360 site.

I understand you’re an international ministry. What part of the world do you focus on?

TWR’s ministry is a lot like the term most associated with our operations – BROADcasting. It is purposely widespread and not concentrated on any one part of the world. Although our efforts have always focused on unreached and less-reached people outside the United States, we are engaged in ministry on every inhabited continent and maintain four major regional offices in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.  

How do you disciple believers who are a part of the TWR audience?

You’ll find that TWR programs cover pretty much the gamut of Scripture and the Christian walk. On one end of the spectrum are children’s programs such as Pedrito el Pulpo (Little Peter the Octopus) and Happy Children’s Garden, and on the other are J. Vernon McGee’s classic Thru the Bible and Seminary on the Air Online, which helps train leaders for the growing Church in China. We take Christ's mandate to "make disciples" very seriously. After all, our ministry calling is “to reach the world for Christ by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced.”

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