To a refugee in Europe, a smartphone means connection…

It’s connection to other people and to a new country. That’s why TWR has decided to connect with refugees through an app that was built exactly for this purpose.

The Love Europe app provides information about local refugee ministries, events, helpful phrases, and cultural norms, as well as a variety of other features that are vital to refugees. This is all tailored to the specific city and country where the user is located, and it’s available in 17 languages for both Android and iOS.

TWR provides tailored audio programs in six key languages on the Love Europe app. Among these are Hope for Syria and Women of Hope. We also offer a series called New Country, New Home, which TWR specifically developed for refugees in Europe. This program follows the fictional story of a refugee and his family as they adjust to a new home in Europe and learn about the Bible. It is available in Arabic, Farsi, German, and English and is also featured on our German partner ERF’s refugee app, “Welcome.”

How can I get involved?

If you live in Europe, you can use the app to help us provide crucial information to refugees in your area. If you live on Earth, you can contribute by prayer and donations. Download the app here, contact us at [email protected], or donate to help us connect with refugees!