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TWR Europe is partnering with Love Europe to share specialized content with refugees on the move, but who exactly are the individuals tuning in? What are their needs? And how much of a difference can a simple app make in the lives of these individuals who have lost so much?

Read more about this strategic outreach from our friends at TWR UK.

Since 2015 huge numbers of people have been displaced because of war, and many of those have found themselves in Europe. 80% of them carry smartphones to enable them to stay in touch with family and to navigate across unfamiliar territory.

. . .

A new opportunity has now opened up, with TWR managing the media section of the Love Europe smartphone app.

Love Europe is designed to enable refugees and newcomers to Europe to navigate, communicate and integrate, and as part of that TWR are providing content, starting with New Country, New Home and Hope for Syria. It is available in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Malta and Greece and provides a variety of tools designed to help refugees adjust to their life in Europe.

Through the app they can get directions, learn some basic language and find out about the cultural norms and values of their host country. They can find the nearest hospital, police station or refugee camp and connect with individuals who are willing and able to help.

Learn more about the impact in this episode of TWR Wavelength.