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The Refugee Bridge app has plenty of relevant, powerful content for refugees in Arabic, Farsi, and Dari. But how do we spread the word to refugees themselves?

From September 12-16, we conducted the Refugee Ministry pilot project in Athens. Our goal was to tell refugees about the app by giving them power banks. These devices can charge their phones, and then be recharged the next time that they have access to an outlet. For refugees who depend on their phones for everything from checking for places of shelter to contacting their families, such devices are enormously important. On the side of the power banks are a QR code and URL that lead to the page where they can download the app. Thus, every time they use the power banks, they see the name of a website that can bring them to Christ’s message of hope in their mother language!

We gave out 450 power banks among Syrian, Iranian, and Afghan refugees. Refugees loved the power banks.

After we explained our pilot project and app to a Christian refugee, he replied, “Don't you have more power banks for me to give away? This is such a good idea!” Another refugee was so excited to download the app, that we saw him deleting his videos to have enough space for it! According to the head of a refugee ministry in Athens, “You are giving the refugees something they definitely want and will keep [power banks], and with it you are giving the option for them to listen to Christian audio.”

We hope and pray that the power banks will be a blessing to these refugees, and that their lives will be touched by the programs on Refugee Bridge!

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