TWR360 is a free, online portal that allows listeners to access biblical media resources on demand in over 50 languages. The app automatically detects a user’s language settings and displays all content currently available in that language. Listeners can read the Bible, listen to a sermon, watch the JESUS Film video, stream worship music or download an e-book.

Thru the Bible App

Thru the Bible

The Thru the Bible app is an integral part of Thru the Bible’s global ministry and provides access to the five-year systematic study of the whole Bible in many of the languages of the world. Now users can listen, download or share the programs with family and friends directly from their phone, without missing a program.

Love Europe App

Love Europe

The Love Europe app provides practical and encouraging resources for refugees navigating their way through Europe. TWR partners with Love Europe to share ten comforting audio programs in six languages, including Hope for Syria and New Country, New Home.

Arabic App

TWR Arabic Radio

The TWR Arabic Radio app offers quality Arabic Christian radio programs 24/7 and is a powerful tool for interaction with Middle-Eastern audiences. Encouraging each listener toward a closer walk with God, the app allows users to communicate with trustworthy team members who care for the well-being of each listener. The team members are proactive in listening to and finding biblical answers to listeners’ questions about various life issues.

Radio Kabyle

Radio Kabyle

The variety of programs made available on this free app are helpful to reach the majority of isolated Kabyle Berber villages in the Middle Atlas mountains, the significant population of Berber youth and those Berber immigrating to Europe. All content on the app is tailor-made to minister to the Berber people using their oral storytelling culture. The app contains archives of the familiar TWR programs such as Thru the Bible, among others in the Kabyle language.

MOST app



Created in 2015, the MOST (“bridge”) app enables Central Asian listeners to access a variety of programs that provide Bible teaching, discipleship and encouragement in seven of the major languages spoken in the region, including Central Asian Russian.