March 2021

Using Innovative Mediums to Share the Gospel

Uzbek Language

More than 30 million people in Central Asia speak or understand Uzbek. With this fact in mind, we began thinking about the possibility of a digital ministry in the Uzbek language. During 2020, we prayed, searched for a partner, and looked for the right people to work in the ministry. We want to start a solid digital ministry in the Uzbek language, using available platforms. As an answer to one of our prayers – a new person began working for us on March 1, 2021.

Please pray with us for this project. We would like to be active on the digital platforms in the Tajik and Turkmen languages as well. We need partners to support this ministry and the right people to manage the work.

Kyrgyz Language

A new YouTube channel for Kyrgyz speakers has been well-received with more than 48,000 clicks for all the combined posts. The Caravan of Life (Өмүр Кербени) YouTube channel recently created two new animation clips (click images to view) and has already had 1,500 views and positive reactions. It is currently producing 25 animation clips designed to answer common questions, depict life situations, and invite people to trust God. The reaction so far to the first of these two-minute videos has been encouraging as viewers say they enjoy the short animations that are vivid and concrete.

Please pray that these animation clips, music pieces, and other programs will continue to be popular among Kyrgyz speakers and lead to life-changing conversations and viewers putting their trust in God.

  • Praise the Lord, all our Central Asia team members are healthy and working in full capacity. We are extremely grateful that those who had Covid-19 have made a full recovery.
  • Pray for Kyrgyzstan’s new government and the results from the January election. We want to have the freedom to continue to have a good media ministry in Kyrgyzstan.

An Instagram response: “I am thankful to God because He always knows what is in our hearts, and this year He has filled all my needs. He took our family out of the pandemic without pain or financial hardship. I thank the Holy and Merciful God! God is with us! Amen.”

A couple of Facebook comments: “This is the most important advice – the principles of a happy marriage. Thank you for your service.” and “Good tips. Thank you for your tireless work. Love Bank is a good idea. You have started a good topic. In general, everything is necessary, useful, and interesting.”

A message from a listener: “Once we went to visit one family. They accepted Christ a long time ago, but because of persecution they did not grow in faith and stopped going to church. And so, when we went to visit them, we gave them a radio receiver with programs. The next time we went to visit them, we saw them in a very good mood. They were so inspired listening to the programs that their faith was revived. The whole family talked enthusiastically about the radio programs. They said that it seemed to them that each program was written for them. Through these programs, they found answers to some of their questions, and they are very happy about that. Thank you. May God bless you even more.”


Reaching the Persian-speaking World Through Radio and Digital Media

The Farsi ministry team has worked diligently for several months on new programs. On Monday, Jan. 18, TWR began broadcasting fresh programs to the Farsi-speaking world for almost two hours each day. The new Farsi Ministry Director said, “We reach the unreached people with our programs on the radio.” Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through the programs; pray that the listeners receive a clear understanding of Jesus. One of the new Farsi programs is the Gospel of John, presenting the Bible stories in a dramatized form.

The three-year plan is to provide high-quality radio programs that are relevant and engaging, train people to be Destiny Makers who will bring about change in the country and engage in outreach and follow-up. The Farsi Ministry Director shared, “I am here because we want to bring radio programs to Farsi speakers and also organize the follow-up with listeners. Our next step is to start Persian World Radio online and use social media to share the gospel.”

All Farsi-speaking programs now have clear contact information for follow-up: a phone number, WhatsApp, email, and website information. A partnership with a local ministry provides a strong follow-up team who is on standby to respond securely to our radio listeners. We have received some responses already.

Our prayer is for the Persian-speaking World to have a true knowledge of who Jesus Christ was and is today. We ask God to bring dreams and visions to these people and for salvation to sweep through the countries where Farsi is spoken. As we begin broadcasting programs, we pray that the people who are ready to hear the gospel will come across the paths of believers and Christian media so that many would turn to Jesus Christ.

  • We praise God for our listeners in Iran.
  • We pray that the Lord will stir hearts and increase the number of people interested in supporting the Farsi ministry financially.
  • Pray for the development of the online ministry of Persian World Radio.
  • Praise the Lord for keeping the staff at the Arabic Ministries safe, including those who are infected by Covid-19. Please pray for their continued work, may God give them the strength to accomplish His plans for the ministry.
  • Praise the Lord for the increasing number of people who are contacting TWR’s contacts in Turkey. Please pray for the follow-up team as they are reaching these people.

A response to the Women of Hope Farsi programs:
“Hello, I was feeling so alone and everything was so meaningless for me. But in the program you talked about Hope. It gave me courage again and Hope. I know that we do not belong to this world and that I am not alone in this world. He’s going to strengthen me. But sometimes we forget this very easily, it’s good to have people who remind you the truth. Thank you.”

Listener story from Turkey:
“A brother from Antalya contacted our friends in Turkey. He has been in jail for several years and due to Covid-19, he has been released due to lack of accommodation in the prison. It has been a struggle for him and his family as he is not allowed to work and his wife has lost her job due to Covid. Everything has become worse. All he asked the team for was food for his kids. The team connected this family to a church in Antalya and a brother from the congregation visited the family and helped with grocery and house bills in cooperation with our friends. They also read the Word together with them. The brother visited the family a few times and invited them to any gathering as well. We pray that the Lord uses the body in Antalya to direct this entire family to the light of Christ.”


Connecting with Listeners in Creative Ways

During coronavirus lockdowns, curfews, and restrictions, it is difficult to meet face to face with listeners. Visiting people is a critical aspect of follow-up. We have to find innovative and creative ways to stay connected to those we care about. The follow-up team for listeners in Kabylia did just that and have overcome these challenges in a unique way. Interacting through VoIP/Viber and Facebook were very valuable to many listeners. They provided a “lifeline” for some women and families!

Considering the immense challenges, the team did an outstanding job to keep the ministry going, even aiming to improve on the interactions with the audience and in the follow-up. The team went the extra mile when it came to helping people in their communities. As they saw the struggles of many families and individuals, they did what they could to help and mobilize assistance. Despite the restrictions, the team was able to distribute radio with SD cards pre-loaded with TWR programs and meet with a small number of listeners to encourage them.

Several phone calls were received thanking the team for the continued broadcasts and helping listeners see that there is hope. The number of Facebook subscribers has grown organically from 38 in June to 280 by the end of December 2020. The restrictions cannot stop the spread of the gospel of hope to Kabyle listeners when a dedicated follow-up team is willing to seek out new forms of technology to stay connected with listeners and utilize opportunities to visit women when curfews were lifted.

  • Praise the Lord for the TTB Kabyle program that has been airing for several years. The complete 5-year production and broadcast cycle of the series is concluding at the end of March. Pray for the producer as he continues to provide the updated scripts for use on the TWR360 and TTB website.
  • Pray for wisdom and creativity over the Kabyle ministry team as they consider the steps and elements for a new app to be developed for the Kabyle ministry.

A Christian lady asked for a visit on one of her calls to the Women of Hope-Kabyle team. She gave a specific time for the visit because she didn’t want her husband or son to be home, scared of their reaction.

She is the only Christian in her home and her husband and son are abusive. They hit her and persecute her. The son has succumbed to worldly temptations (drugs and alcohol). Her daughter recently finished University studies and hopes one day to marry a non-abusive man, but what she has seen in her lifetime has damaged her views on many things, including relationships.

When our team member eventually visited the mother in her home, she was so glad. She said, “You are like a daughter to me, a daughter who is mature and whom I can really trust and feel safe with!” She explained how she was patiently waiting on the Lord to bring change in the hearts and minds of her family members. She was so humble and kind. Officially our team member went to encourage her, and she was indeed very grateful, but ultimately, we were reinvigorated with her brave stance in such a harsh, unkind environment.

We promised we’d ask others to also pray for the salvation of her husband and children. Please pray!