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TWR Country Focus: Venezuela

Luisa is one of those listeners who stumbled upon TWR programming when she was searching the dial and came across music that caught her attention.

“All of a sudden a pastor came on the air,” Luisa (not her real name) wrote in a letter received by TWR. “He began teaching the Word of God and said that we could leave our burdens, problems and sins with Jesus. We could find peace in him. These teachings had a great impact on me because I needed someone who would be able to help me with this tremendous problem I was facing with my family.”

The Venezuelan woman kept listening to the broadcasts coming from a station just across the border in Colombia and especially enjoyed the programs directed at women and families and the brief devotional messages of Alimento para el Alma. The messages and music brought her peace, unlike the worldly perspective carried on secular stations.  

As she continued listening to the gospel broadcasts, Luisa came to know Jesus as Savior, and a hunger grew in her to learn from the Word of God. She got an old Bible out of closet and dusted off.

“The truth is I didn’t know where to begin reading until I listened to a program called A Través de la Biblia (Thru the Bible). They taught Bible passages, and one could follow along in the study. … And so I began to learn God’s plan for man, that I needed God and that he is as real as the air we breathe. Even though we can’t see it, we can feel it and know it’s there.”

Even though she had never sought out a church and no one had ever come to her home to witness to her, Luisa believed that the Lord had reached out to her through radio “to rescue me from the hell I was living in because of the abuse and drunkenness of my husband and because our economic situation of rising debt was bringing us to the point of losing our house and farm.” She began attending a local church and received help from the pastor with her family problems.

Luisa wrote that her husband still rejected the gospel but that she was to be baptized soon.

“I’m trusting God to do the work in my husband. When he comes home I tune into the station so that he can hear the music and the messages. Before, he used to yell at me and tell me to turn that thing off, but today he doesn’t say anything. I know that he likes the messages because I’ve seen him crying after listening to these beautiful teachings.”

Luisa closed her letter, which she sent to the station in Colombia, asking God to bless the work of Radio Trans Mundial, which is Spanish for Trans World Radio.

“I apologize if the letter arrives crumpled. I’m sending it with a friend who will be going in your direction on the other side of the border.”

Did You Know?

TWR’s national partner in Venezuela produces 11 programs to be aired from the powerful ministry transmitter on the island of Bonaire and for distribution to local stations in Latin America.