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TWR Country Focus: Brazil

Hello, Trans World Radio. Grace and peace!

I have been a listener since I was a child because my parents taught me to love this radio station. I would help my father answer the lessons in the Bible courses. …

How many memories!!! I still like Thru the Bible. Currently it is easier to hear Trans World Radio. [Back then] my father woke us at dawn to listen because it was the only time that it tuned in well in our city. It was so good waking up, even if very early and still dark, to hear the word of God and beautiful hymns.

I am the second generation of the family listening to Trans World Radio, and I'm teaching the third. When God permits, I want to know you personally. I enjoy your ministry, and I guess part of it in the future. By now I am helping you with my prayers to God in your favor.

May God do much more through you.

Did You Know?

The largest nation in South America, Brazil has 15 cities with populations of more than 1 million.