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TWR Country Focus: USA

“I've been 20 years married to a man with whom I had no communication and who was an alcoholic. Many things happened that drove us away from each other. Between us there was a lack of respect, infidelity and a lack of love. But about five years ago, I received Jesus into my heart, and he did the same a year later.

“But things got worse because we were not faithful to the Lord. I had been listening to you for three years on Radio Nueva Vida and then online on my phone. The fact is that God brought us test after test until I gave in and surrendered my heart. And then, about two years later, my husband did the same.

“So now he has fallen in love with your program, and he tries to make a space in his work to listen at 9 a.m. ... Now we both listen to the program at different times or at 5 a.m., when we get up, pray together and then our communication begins. We feel peace, and the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, has rekindled the love and respect that we had lost.

“I give thanks to the program that is a beacon of light that our heavenly Father is using to illuminate the lives of those who are in darkness. Thank you and many blessings to you and the whole Thru the Bible team.”

From a TWR listener in California

Did You Know?

Although TWR is better known for its broadcasts outside the United States, 207 stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico seek out the ministry’s programming for use in their operations. Roughly a fourth of the stations are internet-based. Two networks are among the stations that receive programs from TWR: Radio Nueva Vida, mentioned by the listener above and operating 44 stations, including 26 in California; and Radio Amistad, which operates 13 stations.