Tim and Jeannine
Chief Development Officer & Graphic Artist

Tim and Jeannine were married just three weeks when they joined TWR.  After dating long distance for more than a year, they were elated to be living in the same place - even if it meant moving to New Jersey where TWR was headquartered at the time.  Four years later, after their son Scott was born, TWR relocated to North Carolina and the Klingbeil family made the move with the rest of the staff.

Tim started the Donor Relations department in 1986, and over the years the department as well as his responsibilities have grown.  Today he serves as Chief Development Officer responsible for raising funds for the ongoing ministry of TWR.  He also serves on the Executive team and as a corporate officer.

Jeannine officially joined the ministry in 2012 after their two children, Scott and Amy, were launched.  Her volunteer work over the years helped create a spot for her in the Marcom department to work part-time as a graphic designer.  Her skill and creativity is used not only in print design work but is also seen in the displays around the TWR office.

Along with their work at TWR, Tim and Jeannine love being grandparents to Amy's two sons, Jackson and Hudson, and Scott's son Sam.

If he had to name a hobby, it would be travel for Tim.  Prior to COVID-19, he made extensive, annual trips to Africa, Europe and Asia.  And with the grandkids all in California, Tim and Jeannine frequently make the trek to the West Coast.  Learning about and interacting with people of other cultures is something they both enjoy and hope to continue once pandemic restrictions are lifted.  

Prayer Requests

Pray for Tim as he leads the TWR's global marcom and fund development efforts. Pray for creativity and insight for Jeannine in her work as a graphic designer.