I can personally attest to the power of radio — not only from what I’ve seen living in Asia the past three years, but because it’s what brought me into missions. 

I first heard about TWR and felt a nudge into missions one day while I was listening to a local radio station in Dallas — 90.9 KCBI. It was a fundraising appeal, but God was doing something different in my life and my heart. 

Since then, I joined TWR Asia in the area of marketing and communications.

Although TWR has been around for a while, many people aren’t aware of the work God is doing through our organization. My role is to raise awareness about the needs of the ministry and invite people to partner with us. The gospel message will reach farther as we gain partnerships with people who understand the power of media in bringing the good news to areas where the gospel is restricted or forbidden.

As I enter my second term, I will be joining the TWR MOTION team, which is using video to share the gospel. I’ll continue to work in the area of marketing and communications to help this new ministry grow.