Allen and Abby

Allen and Abby are serving at the TWR station on Guam where Allen is the Content and Program Traffic Manager. Basically, he is responsible for making sure the right programs in the right languages broadcast at the right times into parts of Asia and the Middle East. He is also part of a team that manages the content that goes out to our listeners, and he edits some of the English broadcasts.

Currently, Abby stays at home with their son Jack (5 years old) and their daughters Ruby (2 1/2 years old) and Libby (7 months old). She has had to put any volunteer positions on hold with the addition of their newest, sweet girl.

Allen and Abby have been married for seven years now, and both felt a strong call to global missions before ever meeting one another. In August 2013, God graciously led them to the ministry of TWR. After completing the application process, they began raising support in March 2014, and they reached the end of the deputation process and were finally able to move to Guam in March 2016.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our family as we prepare for our furlough this summer. We will be traveling to the States on May 22nd, 2018, and plan to return to Guam August 9th, 2018. During our 2+ months stateside, we will have to connect with our current supporters and raise $450 in monthly support. Please pray for God to add to our support team.