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Update 4/4/2018: On Friday, Dec. 22, 2017, the TWR international corporate office in Cary, North Carolina, caught fire. As you can imagine, this situation presents serious implications for our ministry operations. We at TWR were humbled and encouraged as many faithful supporters rallied to come alongside us during this critical time and offer prayers and gifts to help with the necessary repairs and recovery so the ministry could continue speaking hope to the world. We would welcome your partnership, too, if you feel led to support TWR as we use mass media to reach individuals everywhere for Christ so that lasting fruit is produced.

UPDATE 12/23/2017: This morning, Dec. 23, some embers in a hotspot briefly reignited. However, firefighters quickly extinguished the fire. 

12/22/2017: TWR’ s Cary, N.C., office is closed today, Dec. 22, because of a fire of undetermined origin. The cause is currently being investigated according to standard Fire Department protocol.

Local firefighters responded to the blaze at TWR’s office building in Cary, North Carolina, early Friday morning. The fire started on the loading dock and thanks to quick response by area fire departments was quickly extinguished. Damage was mostly contained to the loading dock and adjacent area, with smoke damage throughout much of the building.

No one was injured, and nobody was occupying the building at the time. Firefighters responded at approximately 6:30 a.m. today. It appears that this was only a few minutes after the fire started.

“Please pray the we will be able to resume function of our ministry efforts, especially during this vital year-end time,” said TWR President Lauren Libby. “We are thankful to the Lord that no one was hurt in the event.”

Information will be forthcoming as to when the TWR offices will reopen for normal business. A skeleton crew of TWR staff is working to answer phones and process gifts to the ministry. Please call 1-800- 456-7TWR or visit