Endeavoring to bolster its staff-recruiting efforts, TWR this week debuts “Gifted for Purpose,” an inspiring, videocentric campaign designed to appeal to individuals seeking short- and long-term opportunities to serve in global missions.

The video series spotlights variously skilled staff members of TWR in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, revealing how each is helping to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. “Gifted for Purpose” was filmed and produced by TWR’s Visual Media team.

The videos showcase the actual stories of men and women who believe God has called them to serve for a specific purpose, says Rick Weston, TWR’s chief personnel officer.

“We get to know a transmitter engineer, an accountant, a station manager, a tower rigger and an administrator, and then we also see real listeners whose lives have been changed by the gospel that went out over the airwaves,” Weston says. “It’s really powerful to see how God uses all types of people to support his ministry and help bring people to himself." 

Weston hopes the videos will motivate people, from skilled tradesmen to recent college graduates to career finishers, to consider serving with TWR.

“We’ve had recent retirements of people who have been with us for a long time, and it’s tough to replace that type of experience,” he says. Critical staffing needs around the world include antenna riggers, accountants, station managers, transmitter engineers, information systems/technology specialists and more.

While some direct-hire roles exist, most positions require individuals to develop a team of partners that will fully support them financially and in prayer. “We’re looking for people who want to use their unique gifts and talents for God’s kingdom work,” says Weston.

Discover more about TWR’s “Gifted for Purpose” campaign and watch the brand-new videos at twr.org/giftedforpurpose.

Garth Kennedy, a TWR station director in Africa, is featured in one of the videos.