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TWR has been boadcasting from the island of Bonaire since 1964.  For the first few decades, the transmitter operated at 500,000 watts, and the radio signal reached deep into the Amazon region of Brazil.  Individuals and families listened.  Groups gathered aroud radios and worshiped together.  And, many pastors were trained in the Word of God by listening to TWR.  But, in the late 1990s, for multiple reasons, the signal was reduced to 100,000 watts, and regrettably, some faithful listeners in the Amazon could no longer pick-up the radio signal.  Those people have been without TWR for long enough!  It's time to increase the transmitter power on Bonaire so that a potential audience of 100 million people can once again hear the gospel of Jesus.

Click here to learn how you can be involved in the Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade Project

(Photo of Jonatas Hudner, Interpreter, Jose Carlos Santos, Executive Director of RTM-Brazil, Andy Napier, and Samuel Mattos, Studio Director of RTM-Brazil)