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TWR is bringing light and hope to people all over Latin America every day through radio, on-the-ground ministries, websites and personal discipleship efforts. Since 1964, we've been on the air from the island of Bonaire beaming the gospel with our high power AM station to the millions of people who live in Cuba, the surrounding Caribbean islands, Venzuela and the jungles of Brazil. TWR's programs are also heard on more than 500 local radio stations throughout Latin America.

In addition, the Lord has enabled TWR to distribute more than 660 hours of programming each week to over 100 stations in the region that simply don’t have the financial resources to create high quality radio programs on their own. Among the offerings are a variety of Bible teaching programs and audio content designed specifcally for youth, women and families that address the problems of their society with solid answers from the Word of God.

Sound exciting? Read more about how God is mightily at work, bearing lasting fruit, through the ministries of TWR in Latin America and learn how you can become involved by clicking here.