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One of my dad's prized possessions was his Scofield Study Bible.  Originally, it was my great uncle's Bible.  My mother's Uncle Will was known as a fine Christian man.  Not only did he serve as a deacon in his church, he was also a Gideon which says something about the way he treasured God's Word.  Daddy valued that well-worn, red leather covered Bible not only for Scofield's notes, but also for all of the notes that Uncle Will had written in the margins.  So, when I hear the name C.I. Scofield, I instantly think of Uncle Will's Bible.  But on a Footsteps recording trip to Portugal in May of 2014, I interviewed a missionary serving with Camino Global.  His name is Dan Wicher, and during our conversation, Dan mentioned that Camino Global was formerly called CAM International and originally Central American Mission.  Then, he told me that the founder of Central American Mission was C.I. Scofield.  I had no idea!  Being a history buff, I think it's time that I did a little more research about Rev. C.I. Scofield.

Click here to learn more about the current work of Camino Global

(Photo of Dan Wicher of Camino Global)