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Did you know that there are 60,000 Low German-speaking Mennonites in Bolivia, and most of them are without television or Internet access? They are divided into about 40 colonies, or farming communities, that adhere to Old Colony customs and anti-modernity. Though they isolate themselves from the outside world, through radio, TWR is able to reach them with the gospel.

In May, Thru the Bible (TTB), broadcast via TWR partner ministry RTM-Bolivia, was fully translated into Low German. TTB is a radio program consisting of Bible teaching from Genesis through Revelation over the course of five years—a total of 1,299 programs. The programs will also be available on CD.

The listener response from Low German Mennonites has been overwhelming. “I wish you could see my children when the children hour is on,” one listener said. “They all sit around the radio and have their mouths wide open, so excited about the stories and songs.”

RTM-Bolivia also broadcasts original Low German worship songs by Dan Klaue, a recording engineer for Family Life Network, along with other Bible programs. Radio ministry in Bolivia has spawned many new churches in the country’s indigenous listening area.

Beyond radio, on-the-ground missionaries in Bolivia recently completed Casa Mariposa, a women and children’s shelter, and they have also been ministering among the Mennonite colonies.

Please pray for the Mennonite people in Bolivia, and for more workers who can follow up with them.