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The gulf between Christian and Islamic cultures usually seems far too wide to be bridged. As a result, few Bible-based radio programs are focused on addressing the unique interests and needs of Muslim seekers.

But a program produced by TWR Africa appears to be successfully crossing that divide. The Way of Righteousness not only is finding a way to help Muslims understand the gospel in their own cultural context but also is appealing to their natural curiosity about the faith 

The Way of Righteousness has a track record as the most popular radio program among Muslims in many languages in West Africa. The program is based on a chronological Bible-teaching style borrowed from the "Firm Foundations" series published in 1985 by New Tribes missionaries Trevor McIlwain and Nancy Everson.

The program was originally developed by Paul D. Bramsen as a series of 100 15-minute episodes for the Wolof people of Senegal. Printed scripts in 11 languages have guided translation and radio production into more than a hundred languages.

The Quran, the holy book of Islam, touches upon many figures from the Bible such as Adam, Noah, Abraham and Daniel but gives little detail. Muslims are often curious about these biblical characters, and The Way of Righteousness satisfies this curiosity while providing listeners with an opportunity to find out more about who Jesus really is.

Building on the strengths of The Way of Righteousness, TWR Africa is striving to form closer ties with community FM radio stations and other interested partners to open doors for relevant, life-changing content to Muslim listeners.

To fully harness the power of this broadcast tool, however, TWR Africa must expand the capacity of its Audience Relations department and develop a centralized hub that all media partners can use in responding to interested listeners. Finances for airtime on TWR's long-range platforms in Southern Africa are also critical to reach English speakers not yet in reach of community FM stations.

If you believe the Lord is leading you to help make possible this vital connection with listeners in Islamic communities, join the effort here