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I enjoy browsing through fine men's clothing shops.  I like to touch the cotton, linen, and wool fabric.  I appreciate the feel of a well-made suit.  And, I love to look through the colorful silk ties--especially the bow ties!  Then, on those rare occasions when I've been able to afford a sport coat and a pair of trousers from the 70% off rack, the tailor marks them for alteration so that they will fit me like a glove.  I like that tailor-made approach (or at least close to it)!  And, I feel that's what God is doing with Latin American missionaries.  According to "William," who recruits missionaries for various countries in Europe, Latin Americans are tailor-made to reach certain people groups in Europe.  Why?  Think about tone and the familiar experience of living in the minority as an evangelical Christian are two obvious reasons that come to mind.  Besides, as "William" points out "they're Christians just as much as you and I are, and God calls them as well."

(Photo of Andy Napier and "William")