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By Brandon Hall

Liz, estudiante de tercer año, está estudiando una carrera doble—

What’s that? You don’t speak English and Spanish?

Don’t worry. Liz Rieth has you covered, serving as our bilingual intern in TWR’s Spanish Ministry for the summer.

Liz is a rising junior at Ball State University pursuing a double major in journalism and Spanish. A storyteller at heart, she hopes this internship will elevate her communication skills and enable her to tell compelling stories with her knowledge of English and Spanish.


Q: How did you hear about TWR?

I heard about TWR from Mark and Debbie Blosser, TWR missionaries who go to my church. I met them at a church event last summer. The moment I mentioned my majors, they began excitedly telling me about internship opportunities with TWR.


Q: Why did you choose to pursue an internship at TWR specifically?

At first, I did not want to pursue TWR. The Blossers had told me about the opportunity, but I didn’t think much of it. God, however, wouldn’t let me stop thinking about TWR. He was calling me to spend a summer serving him. My heart struggled to listen — it wanted a stereotypical journalism internship to put on a resume. After much prayer and Christian counsel, God showed me TWR could offer an internship that served him while still looking good on a resume. He provided me with an opportunity better than I could have dreamed of.


Q: What do you feel your calling is, and how does this summer fit into that?

I feel called to be a storyteller of and for Christ’s creation. This means I want to tell the stories of anyone and everything through media in a Christ-honoring way. My majors, activities and internships have been tools to help me accomplish this. I’m passionate about telling stories specifically through newspapers, nonprofits and Christian organizations.

This summer, my internship is refining my storytelling skills by allowing me to practice writing and Spanish. God is challenging me to branch out and learn new ways of pursuing my passions. Also, TWR is showing me how my skills can serve God in many, many ways.


Q: What kinds of projects will you be working on over the summer?

I’ll be helping Radio Trans Mundial (the Spanish ministry of TWR) craft and maintain their overall social media presence in Spanish. My biggest project will be running the social media for RTM’s Correr para Ganar radio series.


Q: What challenges have you faced so far in your internship, and how have you overcome them?

Already, I am experiencing how exhausting it can be to work in two different languages in a day. God will help provide me the strength to learn how to do this.


Q: What are you looking forward to learning or doing during your time here?

I am looking forward to getting to know my colleagues. TWR is full of interesting people with unique stories. I just want to meet everyone and hear how God has impacted their lives.

Also, I am looking forward to becoming a better Spanish speaker.


Q: What are your plans after you graduate?

As graduation is two years away, I am unsure what I plan to do. I am currently looking into grad school or a job. Ultimately, my plans lie with the Lord. I will go wherever the Lord leads me, whether that be in missions or journalism.


Q: What’s a fun or unusual fact about yourself?

I’ve always loved storytelling. Since I was a little girl, I’ve written stories through diaries, poetry and narratives. I can never seem to write enough.


Brandon Hall is a 21-year-old writer from central North Carolina living in and only by the grace of God. Born with a passion for communication and the arts, his outlets include creative writing, musical theater and competitive speech and debate. He is currently a junior at Regent University pursuing a major in Communication Studies.