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By Brandon Hall

One of TWR’s fundamental goals is “to utilize new digital platforms that position us as leaders in the mass media of the future.” With the explosive growth of social media in recent years, no ministry can completely ignore the platform and hope to remain relevant. We want to go beyond having “passable” social media and have an innovative, thriving presence. That’s why nearly 20 percent of this year’s U.S. summer interns were brought on for social media. Katie Elston is one of them!

Katie is a junior studying Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She works with Women of Hope, a TWR-integrated ministry that serves and prays for women in need around the world. Katie brings a fresh perspective to help modernize and optimize Women of Hope’s social media platform to reach as many as possible for Christ.


Q: How did you hear about TWR?

I am a part of an organization called Cru. At one of their meetings, they had the TWR traveling team come talk to us about opportunities to serve. Through them, I was introduced to TWR.


Q: Why did you choose to pursue an internship at TWR specifically?

When I was contacted about serving, I made sure to look up what TWR was about as an organization. After reading the mission statement and finding out just how much impact they had around the world, I knew that I wanted to work with them. I didn’t know that with my major I would be able to serve God in spreading his word while still getting experience in my field.


Q: What do you feel your calling is, and how does this summer fit into that?

I am not sure what my calling is. I know that no matter who I end up working for in the future, I want God and his works to be the focus. This summer is going to give me a glimpse of what that future might look like.


Q: What kinds of projects will you be working on over the summer?

I will be working on social media and blog content for the Women of Hope ministry.


Q: What challenges have you faced so far in your internship, and how have you overcome them?

The biggest problem I’ve had so far is trying to find information while also adjusting to the different computer programs that Women of Hope uses. I am still getting used to these programs, but with trial and error I’ve been slowly and surely learning.


Q: What are you looking forward to learning or doing during your time here?

I am excited by the information I’ll learn and the growth I’ll experience this summer. I look forward to growing in knowledge of my job field and in my relationship with God. I’m also excited for getting to experience the unique, new culture within TWR.


Q: What are your plans after you graduate?

After college, I plan to continue in my field of social media marketing.


Q: What’s a fun or unusual fact about yourself?

I originally went to school for business so I could learn how to run a restaurant one day. After realizing I wouldn’t be able to open one in the near future, I found my interest in social media marketing. I still plan to eventually open a café, but it won’t be until later in my lifetime.


Brandon Hall is a 21-year-old writer from central North Carolina living in and only by the grace of God. Born with a passion for communication and the arts, his outlets include creative writing, musical theater and competitive speech and debate. He is currently a junior at Regent University pursuing a major in Communication Studies.