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By Mariette Oosterhoff 

“Welcome to you all, whether you come from the north, the west, the east or the south! Our hope is that the NPC 2019 will not only be about thousands of meetings, but that our focus will be on the one for whom we lay down our crowns at his feet.”


With these words, the TWR National Partners Conference 2019 for Europe and CAMENA* was officially launched this month by Dirk Mueller and Bernard Oosterhoff, respectively the ministry leaders of the two regions.

Unofficially, the meeting started as soon as I received my first hug from TWR colleague Eeva, and then there was no stop to greetings and hugs. Soon I started to realize that TWR is not only a professional organization but also a family in which we care for each other, pray for each other and sometimes cry together. We make sacrifices and go the extra mile because we know that we do it for the Lord. We call each other brothers and sisters.

This afternoon, I met a new brother, Paul Bramsen, who is one of the speakers at the conference. Later this week, Paul will speak about the radio program he created, The Way of Righteousness, which has been translated into 100 languages. It is a program especially made for Muslims, explaining the gospel by building on the Bible accounts of the prophets, many of whom are mentioned in Islamic writings.

After having served more than 11 years in Senegal, where the population is 94% Muslim, Paul developed a keen insight to learned what the best way is to reach Muslims. I am looking forward to learning a lot from his presentation.

Paul gave me a preview of the presentation along with tips on how we can best reach Muslims in our own communities.

  1. Be friendly because most other people are ignoring them. Ask them how they are doing or help them fix their car – in other words, do something practical. Along the way you open the door for sharing the gospel with them.
  2. Build a relationship. Then you have the right to speak.
  3. Know how to present the gospel. Remember, the Word of God is powerful. Have a tool that enables you to help them understand what the Bible tells us. Go to and refer them to the video King of Glory (also especially made for Muslims) or listen to The Way of Righteousness.

When I asked Paul about his relationship with TWR, he said, “You can create good materials, but it is not of any use if you don’t get it out there. TWR has extended our reach in the world.”

TWR CAMENA is planning to translate the program this year into seven new languages, among which are the Kabyle, Farsi and Uzbek.

As for the first day of the NPC 2019 conference, how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity. Yes, that’s what the partner conference is all about: learning and working together to share hope everywhere!


* Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa

Photo: Paul Bramsen’s ministry, ROCK International, produces materials to help Muslims understand the gospel.