Resources Materials & Resources Towers to Eternity - The Remarkable History of TWR

Towers to Eternity is the story of how TWR began and how, through faith, has become the world’s most far-reaching Christian media network.

From a modest 2,500-watt army surplus transmitter in Tangier, Morocco, in the early 1950's, to over six million watts of power worldwide today, TWR has been speaking the hope of the gospel message to people all over the world.

Programs in over 200 languages and dialects are delivered on more than 2,000 outlets around the world, including 14 international broadcasting locations, as well as local medium wave (AM), shortwave, long wave and FM radio stations, direct-to-listener satellite broadcasts, cable audio systems, portable media players and the Internet.

Every day, TWR’s programming reaches millions in over 160 countries. TWR has offices, studios, broadcasting facilities or partner organizations in more than 70 countries.

Proceeds from the sale of Towers to Eternity will help support our global media outreach.

Offer available in the United States only.