Help Transform Anger to Peace

September 21st, 2012

From a listener in India: “Because I had a spirit of fear and anger, I was very frustrated and disturbed. I have two children. I did not like to enter my house because I used to get angry when my children cried. At times I used to wander around leaving my children at home. One day I had the opportunity to listen to your program Asha Bhari Nariyan, after which I felt good in my heart. I did not know why so I decided to listen to this program again. As I did not have a radio, I was going to my neighbor’s house to listen to this program. When you were praying I also prayed after you, and that moment I felt peace in my heart. I could sense that the spirit of fear and anger left me. Now, when my children cry I do not get angry. I enter my house without any fear. I praise God that He delivered me and filled me with peace and joy that I never experienced before.”

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