Hope Overcomes Death in Benin

August 28th, 2012

“We hereby express our gratitude to TWR for airing Hasken Rai [Light of Life]. The program is really meeting the spiritual needs of many people. In fact, at present, this is the right time to spread the gospel more and more through radio. Many people listen to radio now more than ever before, especially in our present situation where terrorists use suicide bombing against Christians in their homes, churches and public places. Many Christians have resorted to listening to the Word of God in their homes, rather than going to church on Sundays. It is difficult to get to their places of worship.”

Those words were written by the producers of the Hausa-language program Light of Life at Radio ELWA. The program is aired from TWR’s primary transmitting site in Benin, West Africa, to the Hausa people in northern Nigeria, Niger and Benin.

Light of Life, as the name implies, is a program that introduces the listener to the only way to eternal life. Its aim is to present the superiority of Christ, introduce the need for a personal relationship with him and strengthen the faith of new believers.

When I spoke to TWR-Benin Station Director Paul Cox last week, he described the serious plight of Christians in West Africa, especially in the northern parts of Mali, Niger and Nigeria where hostilities against Christians are brutal and deadly. In this environment, “radio is the best tool we have,” Paul said. The Radio ELWA producers also agree, “Radio is the cheapest and safest means of taking the message of the gospel to hostile communities.”

(Read the rest of this story on JudyBlog, and visit here to get involved in TWR's ministry to West Africa.)

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