TWR has a studio in Cuba that produces programs which are sent to Bonaire, then broadcast back in to Cuba and to other countries such as Colombia and Venezuela. Each program is carefully selected to meet the unique needs of listeners in each country.

Given the challenges of life on the island, you might think Cuban believers would be down and discouraged. But that's not the case. Their faces radiate Christ.

One Cuban rancher told one of our Latin American staff that his entire family came to faith in Christ by listening to TWR. He also said he knew of 15 other ranchers in their valley who are now daily listeners to TWR, due to his influence.

As exciting as this is, wait until you hear the rest of the story: Before we heard about this rancher, we didn't know our broadcasts were reaching that valley. That area was entirely blank on our coverage maps...but not anymore! This is just one example of what your gifts to TWR are accomplishing.

There are tens of millions of souls at stake in Latin America. So we urge you to be generous in your giving today to help TWR raise $130,000 so we can continue to produce and air programs that speak to the deepest needs of the people in this region.

God is doing a mighty work in Latin America through TWR. Please join us by making a gift today!