Help us build a dike to protect our transmitting facilities on Bonaire!




For nearly 50 years, TWR has been broadcasting the life-changing message of the gospel to millions of listeners in the Caribbean and Latin America from the island of Bonaire. We hear daily from those for whom TWR is their daily spiritual food.

With the recent real estate development on the island, however, the resulting run-off of rain water is threatening and, at times, even flooding the transmitter site and antenna field. During the 2010 rainy season, flood waters rose to within four vertical inches of entering our Bonaire transmitter room! This additional water makes it nearly impossible for TWR's pumps to keep water away from the transmitter site.

Experts tell us that building a large dike, at a cost of $76,000, is the most cost-effective way to solve this problem. There has been one near-disaster of flooding on the island already; we must act now to prevent damage to our equipment and disruption to the ministry going out from Bonaire.

TWR needs to urgently raise the funds for this dike project by June, before the 2012 rainy season arrives. Will you help us reach that goal? Thanks for your support!