“I am one of many internally displaced people, living in a camp. My husband died in the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia. We lost all our possessions. But thanks to the government and other charity organizations, I have survived with my four children. Some food, clothing and shelter are provided. But it is the spiritual provisions I want to testify about. The merciful Lord is reaching out to His people, those who are hopeless and helpless. The Radio Bible program you broadcast is widely listened to by the people living in the camp. Through this ministry, people are empowered to confront life’s challenges. Many souls are being comforted and strengthened.

“My family has completely changed. I am not anxious about how to care for my children and what the future will hold. I have learned to come to God in times of difficulties. My concerns now are to share the blessings I am experiencing from the radio. I am a totally a different person, full of strength, hope and life. This is what people need, especially my neighbors in the camp. The Holy Spirit is working through your radio ministry.” –A widowed mother from Ethiopia