An Unshakeable Hope

Where were you when the events of 9/ll happened? That’s the question of the day, isn’t it? I remember. Do you?
Eight years ago on September 11, I was seated at my desk at Trans World Radio’s (TWR) international headquarters offices in Cary, North Carolina. That’s exactly where I am this morning. Eight years ago, [...]

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A Dream Fulfilled

Ticuna Studio Worker

Deep in the Amazon rainforest, dreams still come true. Residing in this region which encompasses portions of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, is an indigenous tribe called the Ticuna Indians. Though this people group has received radio programming in their heart language since 2006 through the auspices of Trans World Radio (TWR) Brazil, the [...]

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The Power of God

Amazing is the only word to describe what God is doing through Trans World Radio’s (TWR) programs and follow-up team in Nepal. It’s not unusual for intense spiritual warfare to accompany those exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The following testimony received from a Nepali listener describes such a struggle, and the power of [...]

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Reaching Beyond Barriers

One of the most gripping stories I’ve read in a long time is the narrative of Trans World Radio’s (TWR) ministry in West Africa. Many of you have asked me about the history of our work there and veteran TWR missionary Flora Rittenhouse has written an incredible “book of Acts” story on West Africa for [...]

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You Did It!

Bonaire Antenna Riggers

The goal of $103,944 for Trans World Radio’s (TWR) Bonaire Tower Project has been reached! There are 732 affected diagonal braces that are going to be replaced on the four 479-foot-tall towers. Any funds received now will go toward maintenance of the towers at our vital broadcast facility on the Caribbean island of [...]

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