Switched On!

Estonia Transmitter Site

It’s happened, my friends! The transition from the 100,000-watt AM transmitter at the Tartu Family Radio station in Estonia to the new 200,000-watt AM transmitter has occurred. Now, more than 150 million people across this vast region which includes Western Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in [...]

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The Heart of Russia

Russia’s atheistic past has left the country with many problems, such as crime, divorce, poverty, alcohol, witchcraft, drugs, AIDS, and abortion. But to better understand the true heart needs of the Russian people, let me encourage you to read this poem “Who is Happy in Russia?” by Russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov. I believe the penetrating [...]

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Discover the Power of a Penny

The doors for ministry are quietly closing over Russia. Missionary visas for the staff of many evangelical ministries working in Russia are not being renewed. 
Even Trans World Radio’s (TWR) licenses to broadcast in Russia are being denied, and last year TWR lost programming on more than 700 radio stations broadcasting across 13 time zones. 
But when [...]

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