The Heart of Cambodia

The devastation Cambodia experienced at the hand of the Communist Khmer Rouge in the 1970s is well-documented. The capital of Phnom Penh was emptied, and an estimated 2 million people were annihilated in the countryside—the site of the “killing fields.” Christians, religious leaders and intellectuals were slaughtered by the thousands. What few people realize is [...]

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A Heart for Children

Me and Charia

 She began to share in an amiable, straightforward manner about the children’s ministry in Cambodia. She impressed us with the statistic that 61% of Cambodia’s population is under the age of 18. But when tears welled up in her eyes, we grasped the deep compassion that this young woman has for the children [...]

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A Little Red Bear

The Little Red Bear

This is the story of a little red bear which brought joy into the heart of one young girl. At first Saroon thought it was just another ordinary meeting at the [TWR-sponsored] Listener Club she loved to attend. But suddenly, she heard her name being called. As Saroon went forward, everyone started [...]

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