A Mozambique Experience

“As soon as I handed over the first radio, it made everything that I knew TWR was doing come to life. I understood that people’s lives really were changing as a result of tuning into TWR on that little radio,” said TWR Intern Beth Pearson, who served with TWR-Africa this past summer in Media Services. [...]

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Heard a Good Story Lately?

Do you remember the Bible story of Adam and Eve and the serpent? What about Jonah and the whale? Or what Noah did with the ark? Or do you recall the saga of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus? Aha, I thought so! Why do you remember these? They’re great stories, and stories stick [...]

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A Glimpse of the Eternal

The Kanuri Storyteller (rt)

Have you ever wondered how your day would unfold? You make your plans, but it’s evident that the Lord is directing your steps. And in the process you just may get a glimpse of the eternal.
In June, one of my missionary colleagues serving in Trans World Radio’s (TWR) South Africa office, John [...]

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