Responding to Crisis

Nobody thinks it will happen to them. And then it happens. Then it’s your life instead of a stranger’s on TV. It stops feeling like a story. It starts affecting you each moment. Maybe you can’t find water. Or you home has been destroyed. Or your daughter catches a disease.
Sometimes it feels impossible to go [...]

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Haiti Emergency Update

Haitian Girls

The catastrophic earthquake which dramatically and tragically interrupted the lives of millions of Haitians has mobilized more aid organizations and people worldwide that ever before. TWR’s ministry presence has extended into Haiti since 1964 from Bonaire.
Currently, we’re airing specialized programs for information and for the comfort of traumatized Haitians. In addition, we’re supporting local [...]

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A Voice of Hope Amid Destruction

Haitian Earthquake Victims

The news reports from Haiti describe the same heart-rending scenario: catastrophe, chaos, misery, impassable roads, rubble-filled homes, voices of pain, suffering and death. In the midst of such agony and devastation, what can we do?
Beginning Thursday evening and continuing indefinitely, TWR arranged with Radio 4VEH ( for their live audio stream to be [...]

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