What’s the Buzz About?

Soccer Fever in Johannesburg

“It sounds like one million bees have invaded South Africa,” stated one newscaster. Health practitioners are alerting World Cup fans to protect their ears from the loud buzzing nose. Of course, it’s just the thousands of enthusiastic World Cup fans simultaneously blowing their trumpets that created that ear-deafening blast of sound. Are [...]

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The Calling of a Man

Lauren Libby (center) with TWR’s CFO, Steve Hippe and his wife, Wendy.

June Libby and son, Grant

Sunday afternoon, February 15, 2009, at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina, marked an auspicious occasion in the history of Trans World Radio (TWR). Lauren Libby was commissioned as the fourth president of TWR. Tom Lowell, TWR’s chairman of [...]

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Swaziland’s New Transmitter on the Air!

I can only imagine the intense energy level expended when the new HC100  shortwave transmitter arrived early at Trans World Radio (TWR)-Swaziland’s site. From September 7 until September 20, TWR missionary Mark Blosser’s brother Joel headed up a work team to modify the existing building for the new transmitter. The arrival of the HC100 on [...]

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