An Island Comes Together

TWR Bonaire Studio Building
TWR Bonaire Studio Building

No, I’m not talking about a new geological formation, as interesting as that may be. Actually, it’s more exciting than that. I’m talking about an island community working together to accomplish a purpose.

Last week TWR’s International Director for the Americas Tim Klingbeil notified the TWR staff of an exciting answer to prayer. The subject line of his e-mail message read: “Bonaire FM transmitter—full funding received!” How exhilarating is that?

Did you know about this project? Probably not, and there was a reason for this. Tim explained, “Many of you may not even be aware that the team on Bonaire (TWR’s transmitting site off the coast of Venezuela) has been working on raising funds to replace the FM transmitter which airs programs locally 24 hours a day. The previous transmitter failed some months ago, and so they have been using a borrowed transmitter from another station on the island.”

“The cost to replace the small FM transmitter is just under $6,000 and so Joe [Barker] (station manager) and the team on Bonaire decided to work to raise the funds locally,” Tim added. As of Monday, November 16, the full need has been met! The majority of the funds (65%) were received on Bonaire from local churches and from individuals who stopped by the office to make their gifts. The staff had added some spot announcements to the programming which told about the need over the past several months.

The Voice of Hope on 89.5 FM was started 10 years ago as a local ministry on Bonaire. TWR has broadcast internationally from Bonaire for 45 years on medium wave. Most of the people on the island listen mainly to FM though. The programming is mostly music, in English, Papiamentu (local language) and Spanish, with occasional short devotional features tucked in throughout the broadcast day. Other favorite programs like Tony Evans and Ravi Zacharias are aired, as well as afternoon children’s programs.

According to our Bonaire staff, most of the day the Voice of Hope can be heard in downtown shops and even in a tourist bar. Rejoice with us at this amazing provision! It’s a great showing of support from listeners on the island—a real affirmation to our team there of the value of that station.

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