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Have you ever heard of Quiché? Get out your world history books. It’s one of the Mayan languages spoken by the K’iché people living in the northern highlands of Guatemala. This language should not be confused with Quichua spoken in Ecuador or the Quechua spoken in Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay. Quiché is spoken by about 1.9 million people or about eight percent of the population of Guatemala. 

The Thru the Bible (TTB) Quiché program began airing in August 2009 on three stations: In Xela, it’s on Radio Cultural 710 AM at 6 AM. In Aguacatan, it’s on 94.9 FM at 7 PM. In Chichicastenango, it’s on 104.7 FM at 7 PM.  

You might be interested to know that most Maya today speak Spanish. The two Mayan languages of the Classic period, Yucatecan and Cholan, have subdivided into about 30 separate languages, some of which are not mutually understandable. The most widely spoken are Mam, Quiché, Kekchí, and Cakchiquel. While Spanish remains the language of government, education, the church, and the media, these indigenous languages are still spoken primarily in the rural areas. (

Working with TWR’s International Liaison for TTB Joe Fort, a missionary in Guatemala, Jeff, was instrumental in the translation and production of the TTB scripts into Quiché. There is interest in producing these programs in the Cakchiquel language as well. 

Thank the Lord for providing this new opportunity to proclaim His Word to the K’iché people! Pray for prepared hearts and transformed lives among these Mayan descendants. 


October 2009 Thru the Bible Ministry Report

Joe Fort, TWR’s Director of Media Relations and International Liaison for TTB 

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