Blind, But Now I See In Color

Pastor Marcel loves storytelling. His dramatic voice appeals to the radio listener in such a way that Bible stories come alive. Pastor Marcel produces the African-French programs of Thru the Bible (TTB) at the TWR Cote d’Ivoire studios, and God uses his dramatic talent in unique ways. One amazing response came from an important journalist who had suddenly become blind. He told Marcel he “could see in color the pictures he was painting” in the radio program.


The journalist held a very high position in the main Abidjan newspaper when he suddenly became blind, no longer able to thrill people with the written word. He had a very large house and many people living with him, all of whom he amply fed. When he first became blind, he had many people supporting him and helping him, assuming one day he would get well. After days, months and years with no improvement in his sight, people left him, even his wife. More and more, he listened to the radio.


One day, [Pastor] Marcel was invited to preach in the church that the blind man attended. After the service, the blind man called to a little boy near him, “Would you please bring the man to me who preached this morning?”


After telling Marcel his testimony, the journalist said, “I am blind now, but the good thing is that through the TTB programs I can see colors. I can see heaven and other things through the teaching of the word of God! There is a light that now comes to my eyes!”


Source: Reaching Beyond Barriers—A Legacy of Hope by Flora Rittenhouse, 2009


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