I Am Your Fruit

Lemuel Larrosa
Lemuel Larrosa

What easily could have been a typical, mundane negotiation became an encouraging, God-ordained appointment. I expect some of you have experienced a similar situation at one time or another. I know that I have. That’s exactly what occurred recently for Trans World Radio’s (TWR) Spanish Ministry Director Lemuel Larrosa.


Lemuel explained to us that he was at a hotel in Bolivia to negotiate prices and a contract for TWR’s 2010 Americas Region National Partners’ Conference. This group represents evangelical leaders from 14 countries including the U.S. and Canada who actively support the work of TWR.


As he met with the director of events at the hotel, who was a young woman, she repeatedly interjected during their conversation, “I want TWR to come here.” At one point, Lemuel stated, “If you want us to come here, then give us good prices.” He told us, “We did get some good prices!”


At the end of their negotiations, Lemuel curiously asked her, “Why are you so interested in TWR coming to your hotel?” She replied, “I am fruit of your work.” She then explained, “I heard the Gospel through TWR when I was a teenager. No pastor talked to me. I didn’t go to church. In my rural area, my family and I listened to radio, and I continue to listen to TWR today.”


Lemuel closed with this thought, “She never went to church until recently. To her, the Christian life was TWR.” Because of the testimony of this young woman, and the TWR programs, Lemuel shared that “40 percent of this hotel’s 190 employees are Christians.”

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