Keep Those Towers Standing!

TWR Bonaire
TWR Bonaire

Wow! I was so excited today when I received a project update on Trans World Radio’s (TWR) four powerful AM antenna towers located on Bonaire. Since July the total amount we’ve received as of today for the project has increased to just over $84,000, so now we’re only $20,000 away from the total funding needed to complete the tower repairs!


Because of the location of the towers on the southern end of the island, they are constantly exposed to the salt air and its deteriorating effects. As a result, the metal diagonal braces that provide the stability to these 479-foot tall structures are seriously eroded. Breaks in these weakened braces can cause a tower to collapse.


This is a vital broadcasting facility! Gospel programming airs to this region which stretches from the Amazon Basin to Cuba—home to 45 million people. We are speaking life to those who will listen. For those of you who have joined us in this effort, we thank you!


TWR-Bonaire’s general manager Joe Barker responded to the project update with this statement, “Praise God for this wonderful provision! It is very encouraging to see how God’s people are generously supporting this ministry. The braces and paint are currently on the boat between Miami and Bonaire. Please pray for their safe journey and arrival. Also, please pray for the tower painters who are working at the top of tower #2 today.”


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