Storming a “Castle”

Ok, you adventure fans, what tools would you use to penetrate a castle? Hopefully, you wouldn’t have to face the formidability of the fortress Frodo faced in the last movie of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic Lord of the Rings Trilogy: The Return of the King. Perhaps you might need as much creativity and fortitude though.


What about storming a “Castle” with the Gospel? Is that in your arsenal? Rubinho Pirola Filho, director of Trans World Radio’s national partner in Portugal, reported in May that soon Thru the Bible (TTB) in the European-Portuguese language will go on the air in Castelo Branco in eastern Portugal.


According to the August 2009 issue of TTB Ministry eReport, Castelo Branco translates literally to “White Castle,” and it’s one of the “most challenging places in Portugal to reach with the gospel, as it has very few evangelical churches.” A church in the Lisbon area has agreed to cover the cost of these airings for two years! In addition, the “majority of the regions where this program will now be aired have no churches or missions at all.”


Now pray for the walls to fall down.

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