Ministry with Mahogany Trees

Village Chief and "Chief" Lauren Libby
Village Chief and TWR’s “Chief” Lauren Libby

“Wood” you do ministry with Mahogany trees? Trans World Radio’s (TWR) president Lauren Libby, who just returned from a visit to the African countries of Benin, Swaziland, and South Africa, explained to us the value of such stewardship.


He praised TWR missionaries Garth Kennedy and Paul Cox who serve in Benin for their efforts in “forging relationships” with the village chief and elders and government officials. Lauren met the chief of the village which surrounds the transmitter property, and he commented that he can “negotiate the bark off a tree.” In fact, the village chief respectfully addressed Lauren as “one chief to another chief.”


Not to leave you out on a “limb,” but 6500 Mahogany trees have been planted on the Benin property by the TWR Benin staff (they are preparing to plant 3000 more). When the trees mature in 20 years, the wood will “be worth its weight in gold,” Lauren stated. How wonderful is that? It’s important to be stewards of all God gives us for the furtherance of His Kingdom. We’re all in this together!


I asked Lauren to give you some highlights of his visit to Benin. Click on this link to listen: 090507-lauren-on-benin_1min-30sec

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